Behind the Posts-Spirit First

I did this on my main blog, but if you wanted to see it, here it is!

Want to know what went on behind the posts?  I picked one that I drafted at least three times.

Spirit First

I first wrote out everything from my mind…everything I’ve read, seen, and watched:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful plains with mountains in the distance and the sun setting behind you.  Imagine yourself on the most wonderful horse.  In the distance you see a band of horses.  You see them playfully walking to the stream.  You see a mare leading, a stallion protectively guarding with all the mares and their little foals.  But more than that.  But more than that.  You see spirit and happiness.  But agony in the horses eyes, pleading you.  Every year, these horses get captured and put in confinement.  Some are bought to put in sanctuaries, but for the left over, their fate is near.

More importantly, people have many good reasons, but others have reasons for taking these critically endangered animals away to kill.  These awesome animals are about to be extinct in the wild.  Now for every horse lover, they see this as a large tragedy.   Others don’t even think about wild horses.  Suggestions are needed to save these animals.  People might say, “Oh, they eat too much and drink too much!”  But really there is an answer for that, these horses make the world every bit more beautiful.  Now maybe you like flowers.  Maybe lilies.  Now, imagine the world without those beautiful lilies.  The world to you is incomplete.

Every horse lover will think the world is incomplete without wild horses.  Maybe not.  But they soon will.  They will learn to love these beautiful animals, roaming on the wild plains in the west.  Hardly any horses are wild.  For little kids, they might love dogs or cats.  Now imagine the world without a dog or a cat at all.  And this is what horses lovers are thinking.  What will we do without the wild horses to capture our hearts.

Go back to the wild plains and look deep into your domesticated horse that you are riding’s eye.  His/Her eye is pleading you-Save my species in the wild.  Save us.  Save all of us.  Not only the domesticated ones, but every single one-even in the wild.

Lots of people say they are just feral horses, left over.  But what makes one true wild horse is their spirit.  In their heart.

Yeah…not very good..  But after that, I decided to rewrite it.

I worked on it a lot and I kept writing and writing.  I wrote a different draft that I don’t have now…I rewrote twice, I think and then came out with this:

Author’s Note: I know I’ve written one about wild horses, but I’ve thought a little more about it and have a different outlook on it now to change people’s way of thinking.  I’ve edited it a little but there isn’t much change.

You probably have a favorite animal. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or a horse, you probably devote your lives to learning about them.  Or you own your favorite animal.  But I’m not writing about that.  I’m writing about the cousins of your favorite animal.  I’m talking about the wild ones out there, free and fully spirited.

After reading that, you’re probably thinking, “Hmmm…have I ever thought of the wild versions of my favorite animal?”  Most people don’t actually think of it.  But I’ve thought of it a lot, especially after reading Paint the wind by Pam Munos Ryan.  I’ve been thinking, how can I protect the poor horses out there, spirits being broken?  If you don’t know much about the things that are going on with wild horse, I’ll tell you right now…

About every year, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) rounds up wild horses to “keep their population at a certain level” But what I don’t understand is that wild horses are on the verge of being extinct!  Every year, they do it no matter what.  Not only are they threatened, they are critically endangered.  They are on the last line to becoming extinct in the wild.

But you might be thinking.  So?-there are so many horses out there.  But in the wild it’s different.  If you ever witness wild horses in their natural habitat (I’ve never done it) it probably would feel like you’re just there.  You probably feel like your breath has been taken away on the breeze that flows through the horse’s mane.

Now think back to your favorite animal, you probably don’t think much about your favorite animal’s wild animal version…right?-probably not very often or maybe even never.  But I think a lot about wild animals; I think the government should think differently about the way the treat animals…don’t you think so?

But there’s a lot more cruelty than I mentioned.  How they catch the horse is to chase them with helicopters, wranglers, and lead them into a fenced trap and trap them in to a fence.  They go to auctions and get auctioned off.  They get bought by all sorts of people, horse riders, ranch owners, and sanctuary owners.

But I’ll talk about a few places where they go.  Horse riders and ranch owners treat them with care and train them properly, (not everyone does, but most people do) but however, after the round up, their spirit was broken.  They are in a state of where they wouldn’t normally be in.  But there’s not much else that affects them when they go to a ranch or farm.

But there are serious ones.  And one of the most serious ones is in the rodeo.  There is the wild horse race and the buck-off.  I don’t know much about these, but in wild horse races, they let them go to gallop see which horse reaches the finish line first. The buck off, they let a horse go with a rider on top and see how long the rider and stay on.  Unfortunately, this makes the horses harder to train and break the horse’s spirit more than if they go to other places.

Sanctuaries are a place where they let a horse roam in a large pasture, free.  The place where horses were was public area, probably empty and they were already free?  Why bother so much if they get sold to sanctuary owners?  The horse’s spirit gets broken!  The horses are sad and shy at the sound of helicopters.

But the problem is, not all the horses get sold.  And have you ever wondered where the left overs go?  The worst place ever.  Just one question before I reveal the answer, do you dog lovers/owner buy fresh horse meat for your dogs?  (Trick question!  Fortunately, horse meat as pet food was outlawed in 1970s) Yes, slaughter houses.  Although the USA does probably no slaughtering of horses, other countries around us do slaughtering of horses.  As of 2009 ( Mexico was counted for slaughtering 78,000 tons of horse meat!  It is a sad fate for horses.  But luckily, the slaughtering of horses in the USA ended in 2006.

So wild horses can be protected and I am taking it as far as I can get and writing a (detailed) article about how wild horse’s spirit means a lot to a horse being wild.  Imagine your pet having no spirit and not acting like they do something because of you.  So take a little thought into you about how a horse’s spirit and lives depend on the way we act and what we do to take action.

For that, I read as much as I could.  I read about wild horses, and then BLM and then I read about slaughter houses.  Okay, maybe I didn’t read every word…but I read what seemed most important.  Later I found a really old copy Scholastic News.  It had an article about wild horses.  I found more information…statistical information and put that in…lots of work.  Yeah…that was the version after I went through and checked spelling and grammar…I still have errors… I think.  Later, I added a sentence and came out with my latest post.

I spent a lot of time writing this post and put a lot of thought into it.  But I think I could do better on organization.

So thanks for coming with me and seeing how one simple post I posted at the beginning of my blog turned out to be a pretty good post!

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